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Personal Injury

Accidents happen every day. Choosing an attorney to represent you in your personal injury lawsuit is an important decision. Whether you were injured in an accident or a claim has been made against you, we are dedicated to obtaining the best possible results for our clients.


Wisconsin winters mean slip-and-fall accidents. Our attorneys have been involved in hundreds of premises liability cases over the years. We know the common mistakes made by litigants in these types of cases, and how to avoid them. Let us help you win your case.


Understanding your insurance policy can be tricky. For decades, we have helped insurance companies and policyholders resolve coverage disputes. Our attorneys have extensive knowledge about all types of policies, including automobile, homeowners, commercial general liability, etc.  


Whether you are dealing with a small claims action, an employment discrimination claim, a contract dispute, or an intentional tort claim, our knowledgeable attorneys can help your business develop an aggressive plan of defense.


If you are facing a claim or threat against your professional license, our team of attorneys is available to provide an aggressive defense. We regularly represent medical providers, real estate agents, and other professionals in civil actions and before licensing boards.


Members of our firm are available to serve as third-party neutral mediators and arbitrators to assist in the resolution of pending litigation. We are also available to serve as expert witnesses, trial consultants, and as court-appointed guardians ad litem.